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Staff - Henry

Henry Edwards has dedicated the past 8 years to a full-time coaching career in golf. Despite his initial focus on football during his childhood, he stumbled into golf by chance and, as many have experienced, he was immediately addicted to the sport. 


As a sports enthusiast, Henry actively participated in junior golf at his club, assuming the role of junior captain, and underwent training with Surrey County's futures programme. He was also involved in cricket, representing his school's 1st team, along with the Rugby team.

Henry enrolled at the University of Birmingham, selecting Applied Golf Management Studies as his field of study. This period also marked his transition into the professional realm of golf and his coaching education. His university tenure furnished him with hands-on familiarity with tools such as TrackMan launch monitors, 3D biomechanics, physical assessment techniques, and an enhanced comprehension of golf swing mechanics.

Henry's commitment to refining his coaching skills persisted, leading him to pursue various courses, including TrackMan Levels 1 & 2, as well as the Zane Scotland Academy (ZSA) Elite coach programme. Presently, he is actively engaged as a coach in Hugh Marr's Coach Mastery programme. The beauty of this game is that you can always learn more.


Henry Edwards
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