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Tania Long

Marketing & PR Manager

Who are you?

I’m Tania, and I manage the Marketing and PR at CGC. I also manage the club's head of security, Titch, my little rescue dog from Cyprus who you may have seen trotting around the club.

Favourite quote?

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.” Mark Twain

How did you first get into golf?

I’m not a golfer - yet - but I have spent a lot of time on golf courses with my dad and playing Pitch and Putt as a child. I’m enjoying embarrassing myself on the simulators, and am looking forward to having some lessons with Alex - wish him luck!

Where is your favourite course you've ever played?

I haven’t played any but I’ve accompanied my dad around many. My favourite would have to be the course in Cairo that my family lived on, called Katameya Heights. Incredibly beautiful.

What are you enjoying most about CGC?

The real sense of community that we’re building. It’s great meeting our members and learning more about all of you. I love seeing the club coming together.

What did you do before CGC?

I spent seven years working in fashion Marketing and PR, before deciding that I wanted a complete career change. I’m currently training to be a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, which I’m doing part-time, alongside the days I spend working at CGC.

Tania Long
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