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We are absolutely delighted to announce that the legendary Rugby icon, Mike Tindall, has joined our ranks as a Caddi Club Brand Ambassador.


Renowned for his illustrious career in rugby, Mike's tenacity, leadership, and competitive spirit have left an indelible mark on the world of sports. As we expand our brand, we couldn't think of a better partner to represent our journey. Mike's passion for the game, combined with his magnetic charisma, will undoubtedly resonate with golf enthusiasts worldwide. His experience as a top-level athlete and dedication to promoting sportsmanship align perfectly with our brand values.


Transitioning from a celebrated career on the rugby field, Mike seamlessly embraced his passion for golf, making a significant impact in the sport. His unwavering competitive spirit and exceptional work ethic have seen him excel in this new endeavor, earning admiration from fellow golfers and fans alike. Beyond his natural talent for the game, Mike's charismatic personality and affable nature have made him a beloved figure in the golfing community. Embracing the challenges and intricacies of golf, he has demonstrated the same determination and dedication that defined his rugby career. Moreover, Mike's commitment to promoting the sport's accessibility and inclusivity has been an inspiration, encouraging a broader audience to embrace the joys and camaraderie that golf has to offer. Through his involvement, Mike Tindall continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of sports, bridging the gap between rugby and golf and becoming an ambassador for the spirit of athleticism and fair play.


With Mike Tindall by our side, we're excited to tee off on this incredible journey, and together, conquer new heights on and off the green. Welcome, Mike!

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