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Caddi Club was born to fulfil a desire to make golf more accessible to everyone.


Our founder, Aaron, looked to take up the sport during COVID – but was frustrated from having no access to a nearby course, and disheartened at endlessly queuing to hit "range balls" with no real feedback and no way to improve. He wanted to create an environment where golfers of all abilities can practice, progress and learn, that is not just designed to get you in and out as fast as possible.


Come in, have a chat, have a drink at the bar and bring your friends! 


We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips. Why should golf be any different?

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The equipment alone – which is the first and most obvious thing to blame – costs thousands. To join a Golf Club in or around London costs thousands. To have lessons to improve costs thousands. Even practicing at a driving range over the course of a year can end up costing thousands (depending on how often you go).



Getting to a golf club will take most people in London at least 30 minutes. By the time you play a round of golf, you have spent a minimum of 5 hours (without warming up) out, which is a good chunk of most people's days. Apart from a month or two during summer, playing golf during the week is just not feasible for most.



Going to a public driving range is bad enough when you are starting out. Shanking, hooking, topping and skying balls all over the place is embarrassing when you have veteran golfers all around glaring at you. This feeling is amplified at golf courses where members quite simply don't want you there taking up their tee times and practice space.



We live in the 21st century and it has taken a pandemic to drag the golf world, kicking and screaming might we add, into the modern era. Strict dress codes and women only in the last decade being allowed to join as members of some clubs, golf has not been welcoming to today's younger generations. Most driving ranges you go to have no data or feedback available, instead you have to rely on lessons, take videos of yourself and watch Youtube videos of how to improve your swing. Even then you don't necessarily know exactly what you are doing right/wrong...



So instead of asking these questions and forgetting about it, Aaron took the Richard Branson attitude of "Screw It, Let's Do It" and set about putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, setting up Caddi Club as we know it today. Having learnt a hell of a lot in the first year of being open, our journey continues and we are aiming to open two further sites in the coming 12 months.

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